COM/COL Order Form

Please fill out the below form in its entirety for each material.  This form is required for all Cuff Studio trade orders.  We cannot accept incomplete submissions.


Cuff Studio
5870 Melrose Avenue #3-604
Los Angeles, California 90038
Sidemark: Customer Name / Order Number 

Please use email associated with Cuff Studio Invoice NO

If yes, additional yardage may be required

*If you do not have your tracking number readily available, please submit this form without it and email your tracking information with your Cuff Studio Invoice # to once you receive it.

  • If there is a pattern, additional fabric may be required.  Please include any specific pattern placement or requests on this form under additional notes and instructions section. Pattern matching is not possible on all Cuff pieces, especially those with curves. Contact Cuff Studio sales before ordering fabric to review your needs.
  • If you select “up the bolt” for any of our benches, additional seams may be required.
  • Much of Cuff Studio’s upholstered pieces are better suited to specific types of fabrics or leathers. For this reason, Cuff Studio strongly recommends we assess COM/COL prior to purchasing for suitability. Please email for confirmation. Cuff Studio may request a cutting to assess.
  • Some fabrics/hides may require more seams than others. If your piece is wider than your fabric width, Cuff Studio will proceed with the workroom’s recommended seam placement unless otherwise specified by you. 
  • If fabric needs to be backed, the customer is responsible for this additional charge. If you’d like us to assess before purchasing, please mail a cutting including the firm name and considered Cuff Studio product reference to Cuff Studio, 5870 Melrose Avenue #3-604 Los Angeles, California 90038.
  • Fabrics with long fibers, such as velvet and mohair, have inherent characteristics that may not allow for entirely straight or flat seams. Please take this into consideration if specifying a fabric with long or bulky fibers. 
  • Please sidemark all COM shipments with Cuff Studio order number and the name of your design firm.
  • We do not return excess yardage.